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Stories of Progress

The Ground Is Being Tilled for Progress in the Skagit

During the summer, a group of leaders from the farm community and tribes publicly announced a new partnership, the Skagit Tribal-Agricultural Alliance, to seek ways to rebuild runs of the Skagit River salmon and support the long-term prosperity of agriculture. Leaders from both the agricultural community, Swinomish and Sauk-Suiattle Tribes are now working to finalize an accord that defines their hopes and the actions they will foster for both salmon and agriculture. They are working to have the accord finished late this fall. Also, they are developing a work plan that will further define the future of this partnership and will actively pursue funding to staff their joint efforts.

In a separate process, the Swinomish and Sauk-Suiattle Tribes, through the Skagit River Cooperative and with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, are developing a scientific plan for the long-term recovery of salmon in the Skagit. This plan will be available by the first of January 2005. The Tribes are interested in peer review of their scientific work and encourage the interest of others in helping apply the best science now and in the future to the important task of recovering salmon in the Skagit. Also, the tribes encourage other groups and governments in Skagit County and across the Puget Sound region to consider their individual and collective role and contribution to the actions believed necessary to protect and restore Skagit River runs.

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